Strawberry and Cream Smoothie

Smoothies are great, if you don’t feel hungry or just want to have a healthy snack instead of a packet of chips.

When I don’t have yogurt, I often make smoothies using just whole milk. Additionally make smoothies according to seasonal fruits, so don’t have to buy frozen fruits.

Vanilla essence is used always in my smoothies, as it has many nutritional benefits.

I try to buy essence that in packed in glass bottles, as it`s better for your health and enviornment.




3 cups frozen strawberries/ [Fresh is always better].

2 cup 2% milk

1(6 oz.) container strawberry yogurt

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

optional: 2 tablespoons vanilla protein powder, you could also add any other fruit like mango, or banana, or blueberries.



Combine all ingredients in a blender; process until smooth. Enjoy!

[Source: An adopted recipe by Kitchen Kimberley].



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