Millionaire Next Door Stories.


These stories below have one thing in common,  they were all Millionaires.  These Regular, ordinary  people whom we see everyday in our lives. These millionaires were frugal,  and they invested in stocks. Most of them were DIYers , living well below their means.  After their demise, gave most of it away. Great Philanthropists!.

So if  your next door neighbor can be a millionaire, then anyone can.

Agnes Plumb Story  was found on Los Angeles Times. Agnes Plumb liked to help children, though she never had her own. Until her death on October 21st, 1995, from heart disease. Few knew that Agnes Plumb who lived in a tidy modest white house had immense wealth.

Jack Macdonald`s Story was found online on The Seattle Times website. Mr. MacDonald was frugal attorney. who was a philanthropist. However he went to the extremes and wore sweaters & shoes with holes.

This article from, “about money”. It`s a story about a retired IRS  auditor. She amassed $22 million from her tiny apartment in New York . Click here to read Anne Scheiber Story.

Grace Groner Story  was found on Ms. Groner grew up in the depression era, probably that explains, her frugal lifestyle. She worked as a secretary at Abbott Laboratories for 43 years. The initial few shares she bought of the company she worked for, split, doubled, and multiplied to 100,000 shares valued at $ 7 million at the time of her death. She died at the ripe old age of 100.

Kathleen and Robert Magowan – Twins Story  – this story was found online – Hartford Courant – Connecticut. Kathleen and Robert were twins. They did not have any children or sibling to forward their wealth to. Kathleen changed her career from nursing to teaching. Robert worked as an agent with Prudential Insurance.

Ronald Reads Story originally read the story on  You might have to subscribe to WSJ or sign in.

Reads story can be also be found on Tech Time. He worked at the Gas Station and then as a Janitor. read and find out how he accumulated his wealth through frugal living and investing.

Here is the link to the story from the Los Angeles Times 1997  article. Quincy Florida Coca-Cola Millionaires . This story originally appeared in the Bloomberg News in 1997.  Most of these millionaires were Tobacco farmers or blue collar workers. They invested in Coke Shares and over time become millionaires. One single company stocks made Quincy one of the richest communities in America before World War II.



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