It`s an art to bake, we all love the smell and aroma of a freshly baked pie or a cake, its tempting to dig into something hot, sweet and pure goodness.
Using the right temperature and placing the product you want to bake in the right shelf makes all the difference.
The temperature in an electric oven is fairly even. But in a gas oven the top is hotter and the bottom is cooler than the centre.
I like recipes that use cups and teaspoons[tsp] and tablespoons[tbsp] to measure ingredients.
It makes it so much easier to bake. Butter and vegetable oils are my preference instead of Margarine, I consider Margarine to be the cousin of plastic, don’t melt easily.
Using castor sugar is easier, it melts easily, however grind regular sugar and it will serve the same purpose.

Use this link to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit[]

Try the recipes on, and tell us if they turned out well or not. If you have a recipe and want to contribute, go ahead, and send it to us and we will publish.


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