There is something special about sharing your life`s “positive learning’s” with others and in doing so one might contribute towards their better good.

This website/blog is to basically to help others, with information that is real. It`s a place where you can read about good things in life.

Life is mainly comprised of essentials we need to live and to enjoy our time here on earth with our loved one. The essentials are food, clothing and shelter. For all these three basic needs,  it`s pretty obvious we need finances as we do not live in the good old days of the barter system.

Everything we use or do is inter-related, and one does not lead, one`s life in isolation from the other.  If we just focus on one aspect of our lives, the others get neglected and suffer. There are many aspects to our lives, but essentially three take a bit more of our time and resources. Finances, Building a Home, Eating good and nutritious food in the right amounts.

aboutthegoodstuff.com`s  view is that, Money is important, but living in a clean, organized and decently decorated house, wearing presentable clothes and not rags, and having good, healthy, and fresh food are equally important and they all play a role in defining the quality of life we live. Additionally this quality can be achieved without spending a truck load of money, we can find better, healthier and more frugal ways of doing that. Hence, just talking about Finances and Money Management is not enough.

So instead, here you will see stuff about all three, Finance, Home Décor, and Food [Baking and Cooking Vegetarian Recipes] and  hope you enjoy your visit to this blog.

Disclaimer: aboutthegoodstuff.com is for informational and entertainment purposes only. We are not Financial/Tax /Home Décor/Cooks/Chefs/Spiritual advisors or professionals. So please seek out a professional for Financial, Tax Preparation,Home Décor, Cooking and Baking advice. The author of this website or aboutthegoodstuff.com is not liable for any losses to any party, under the fullest extend of the law.